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Best IPTV Provider 2022

    Compare the features and prices of the top rated IPTV service providers listed in this tutorial to choose the best IPTV provider 2022:

    Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) refers to the streaming of television programs via broadband Internet rather than traditional cable or satellite. This television content is streamed to a set-top box.

    Choosing an IPTV provider can be difficult due to limited information on the quality of service. We have set out to find the best rated IPTV subscription providers that live up to their claims.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not check if IPTV services or app developers have the appropriate licenses. The end user is solely responsible for the media that he accesses through any device, application, add-on or service mentioned on our website.

    Best IPTV Provider 2022

    Here is the list of the most popular and top rated IPTV providers:

    1. CosyTV IPTV – TOP IPTV provider in 2022

    CosyTV IPTV – The best way to provide full access to all channels and video on demand.

    CosyTV IPTV is an IPTV provider that supports a large and comprehensive collection of TV channels. It is suitable for watching content of sports, news, cartoons, movies, series, etc. It provides daily updates of top movies and TV shows. With the IPTV subscription, you will have access to a massive database of content.


    • Over 10,000 TV channels and over 20,000 online channels.
    • 4K Ultra HD quality.
    • Anti-freeze technology.
    • Super fast connection.
    • Verdict: The TV subscription is a service compatible with all devices. It’s easy to set up and provides fast 24×7 support. It has flexible traffic plans. It supports both 4K and 8K qualities.

    Price: CosyTV IPTV offers the solution with four price plans, Basic Pack (€29.99 for 3 months), Standard Pack (€39.99 for 6 months), Premium Pack (€59.99 for 12 months).

    => Visit CosyTV IPTV Website

    2. IPTV EPIC – the best IPTV subscription provider in France

    The list of best IPTV subscription providers includes IPTV EPIC. There are over 13500 TV channels available in 85 countries. You can access 20000 movies and VPDs in different genres. This is a low-cost service that covers both HD and FHD (4K) channels. You will get lots of sports packages, Playlists, EPG URLs, etc. Users can get up to 24 hours trial.

    Supported Platform: iPad, iPhone, Android, Kodi, MAG device,

    Price: 23.99€ per 3 MONTHS | 33.99€ per 6 MONTHS | 53.99€ per 12 MONTHS

    => Visit IPTV EPIC website

    3. TESLASAT – Best IPTV for French TV and Sports

    TESLASAT – The best solution for watching live TV, sports, news, movies and various video content on demand.

    TESLASAT is highly rated for multiple reasons. The first reason is its platform independence, i.e. it can be watched on any of your devices, such as a TV, computer or smartphone.

    The service also offers an “Electronic Program Guide”, which makes browsing programs and shows as easy as possible. This feature alone sets them apart from most other IPTV service providers.

    Here are some of the most notable features of TESLASAT:

    • More than 9700 channels.
    • Over 18,000 movies and video content on demand.
    • Electronic program guide for navigation.
    • Ease of installation.
    • Another key specialty of TESLASAT is its extensive program library. With over 9700 channels and over 18000 video on demand content, you will never run out of entertainment! Besides, you can also make requests for shows or movies you want to watch.
    • All of these elements combined make TESLASAT an ideal choice for online streaming. It is a remarkable software solution that puts high-quality content and live TV at your fingertips.
    • Verdict: TESLASAT gives you what you pay for with nearly limitless entertainment content. On the other hand, its independence from the platform allows you to stream from all your devices. But what makes this IPTV service provider really different is its guide feature.

    => Visit the TESLASAT website

    4. IPTVVID – A Reliable IPTV Provider

    IPTVVID – The best solution to watch local and international live TV channels, PPV, paid sports events, VOD on multiple screens.

    One of the most recommended and best IPTV providers is probably IPTVTrends as it offers over 97,000 live TV channels and over 20,000 VOD content. They offer content in HD, HQ and 4K resolution for channels and VOD.

    It is compatible with a large number of devices and works with Firestick, Computers/Laptops, Mobiles, Mag/Enigma boxes, Smart TVs, etc. This service works with various apps like IPTV Smarter Pro, TiviMate, etc.


    • 3 Month IPTV Subscription
    • 6 Month IPTV Subscription
    • 12 Month IPTV Subscription
    • Verdict: Preferred IPTV provider allows enjoying live TV shows, movies, web-series and other stuff. You will be impressed with this service as it is compatible with almost all devices and works with all apps.

    This IPTV provider has antifreeze servers and offers a buffer-free experience. You can buy a trial from them if you want to know more.

    => Visit IPTVVID website

    5.IPTV Gear

    Ideal for watching movies and TV shows on the computer, Smart TV and mobile devices.

    IPTV Gear firestick is a remarkable software for watching high quality content on the computer and mobile devices. The IPTV provider provides live TV channels as well as movies and TV shows. You can watch content in SD and HD quality. The service uses H264 technology which enables fast streaming with minimal lag, even if you have a slow internet connection.


    • Over 10,000 TV channels.
    • Over 20,000 movies and VODs.
    • H264 compression technology.
    • SD and HD quality content.
    • Verdict: IPTV Gears offers a good value deal for watching TV shows and movies on your computer or mobile devices. You can watch premium content including the latest releases. The advantage of this IPTV provider is that you have the option to choose SD quality if your region has a slow internet connection.


    $6.67 to $15 per month

    => Website: IPTV Gear

    6. Falcon TV

    The best solution for watching the most popular British and American TV channels and movies on mobile or computer devices.

    FalconTV IPTV service contains popular sports channels and PPV content not found from other providers. The content is grouped into various categories, including entertainment, international, sports, and others.


    4000+ Live TV.
    Latest movie releases.
    Premium sports channel.
    Reseller option.
    Verdict: FalconTV offers an extensive collection of TV and movie content. The price may be higher than most IPTV service providers. But this high price is worth it because of the quality of the content.


    $5.8 to $20 per month

    => Visit FalconTV IPTV Website

    IPTVVID and TESLASAT IPTV offer the best package of TV channels and movies. If you want to watch a premium sports channel, consider Sporte. Don’t want to commit to a quarterly or annual package? You should choose best IPTV provider in 2022.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q#1) What is IPTV?
    Answer: IPTV stands for Internet-based Protocol Television. It is a system for broadcasting television channels via broadband Internet or a local area network (LAN). Customers who purchase IPTV subscriptions receive TV shows and video on demand (VOD) over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

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    Q#2) How does an IPTV work?
    Answer: To view IPTV channels, you need to have a high-speed internet connection and a device to view the content, such as a smart TV, laptop or smartphone. You can also watch IPTV channels if you have an old TV using a decoder.

    Q#3) Can I watch IPTV for free?
    Answer: Some IPTV service providers, like Kodi, offer free services. Free IPTV services work with specific devices such as Android, Amazon FireStick or Roku. You must check the compatibility of IPTV services by visiting the website.


    Q#4) Are IPTV providers legal?
    Answer: Suppliers IPTV with the appropriate licenses offer legal TV streaming services in France, Canada, United States. Before purchasing a subscription, you should check whether the service provider has the required licenses to offer services in your country.

    Q#5) Can I start my IPTV service?
    Answer: Yes, you can start your IPTV service. To get started, you need to purchase the appropriate licenses, dedicated servers, IPTV middleware like ZapX or Xtream UI, video on demand (VOD), billing system and IPTV player for your customers.